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Moving Labor Service in Burlington NC and Surrounding Cities

When you are moving house, ensure everything arrives intact and on time when you hire moving labor service in Burlington, NC by Alamance Movers. We have a number of different services provided, we load and unload your trucks, onsite storage facilities and professional trucking company trailers. This way you won't lose anything during the move and can take your time in setting up.

Onsite Storage

These facilities are like mobile sheds that you keep by your house. You can move your things into the storage container and then we bring a truck by and take it to your new location. This is great when you have a gap between move-out and move-in dates, downsizing, or doing home renovations. A lot of the folks who use this service are college students who leave during the summer.

There are three sizes available, and they all keep your furnishings safe and secure. There are no other companies in the area offering this service locally. We even offer to load your possessions into the onsite container.

For more information on moving labor service in Burlington or the surrounding areas contact us today!

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